15 Jan 2009

Peanut Butter Breaks

Clean floor, well kept toilet, excellent, that's what makes hip hop great.

Front cover photo credit goes to JJ Stratford.

Peanut Butter Breaks originally came out on Heyday Records in 1994, with a two track shorter Stones Throw re-issue in 2001. Peanut Butter Wolf made his name in the 90s with his partner Charizma, who sadly died in 1993. He subsequently set up the successful and influential Stones Throw Records which, like PB Wolf, continues to release intelligent and tightly produced tunes to this day. Stones Throw also has a strong album art ethic, led by art director Jeff Bank, which has given extra impetus to the careers of Stones Throw stalwarts Madlib, Quasimoto, Dam-Funk & others.

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"Chickens are everywhere!", its a scary world.

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