15 Jan 2009

Olde Scottish

Mo Wax album art was often more impressive than the vinyl releases themselves. In the 90s they teamed up with old school graff legend Futura to utilise his updated fine-art style for a series of covers. This is one example from that classic series, each with a clear nod to his style of the 70s/80s NYC graff heyday.

Futura has a super stylish website at http://www.futura2000.com

This 12, by Olde Scottish, came out on Mo Wax Excursions in 1996. Olde Scottish was a Howie B pseudonym and for this release he had help from DJ Krush.

Mo Wax was set up by James Lavelle who was also behind the prolific UNKLE. UNKLE always have an eye for quality album art design and again their early releases had cool Futura designs. Unkle have a site at http://www.unkle.com.

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