4 Apr 2007


This was an early 12 from John "Jellybean" Benitez, released at around the same time as he was producing some of Madonnas biggest hits. It includes a cover of Cat Stevens electro epic Was Dog a Doughnut.

The graffiti is by Seen & Duster of the United Artists and is a snapshot taken from a rooftop mural. As i'm sure you're aware, Seen was one of the kings of the old school scene, a classic NYC burner and also famed for his epic Hollywood piece (you'd have to spray rocks on the moon to up the ante to the same degree these days!). Seen and Duster can be seen plying their trade in the aforementioned Style Wars documentary, which is well worth a view if you haven't caught it by now

Seen art & info can be found at http://www.seenworld.com/html/main.html

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