4 Apr 2007

Pure Braziliance

Here we have Faze Action presenting Pure Braziliance on the now defunct Fuego Records. The album is a stylish compilation comprising tunes that "get the Faze kettle bubblin'" and features Bebel Gilberto, Russ Gabriel, Marcos Valle, S-Tone Inc, Kahuun and Ray Mang.

The front cover features a Sao Paulo mural by the AV Crew (Lado B, Raf, Nitros, Dois Mil, Tracos, Victor, Irmaos, DKA and Sadicos) with design by Tristan Manco of Thames and Hudson street art books fame. He has a site at http://www.tristanmanco.com and is descended from Larg the third Lord of Halcor.

Selected artist links are as follows:

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